Reader Essentials with Scopey

DS at MadDogAdventure, Scopey, joins our conversation and shares his top 3 essential carry items.

Pack of Choice: Hill People Gear UTE

Recommendation 01: Lowe Alpine Mountain Hat

Why? In 2004 I was in the army and stood on a Welsh hillside being briefed on what was to come. I’d say about 70% of the DS were wearing this funny looking hat, within the next few days nearly every hopeful on the course was also wearing one!!

It may not win any fashion points but it’s Goretex covered and fleece lined and the warmest hat I’ve ever worn. This thing, rain or shine, summer or winter, will always live in my pack as it guarantees that when Mother Nature wants to play rough my head will be warm and dry and the wire stiffened brim keeps the worst out of my eyes.

Plus as that course was a highlight of my military career the hat has almost become somewhat of a lucky charm for me in the outdoors…

Recommendation 02: Jetboil

Why? Remember that course I mentioned? Well, besides the hat, the DS had these cool new stoves so guess what I rushed out and bought?

My jetboil is 13 years old and has been to the Arctic circle, all over the UK with a week in Scotland every winter, the desert, mountains and even the Borneo jungle… it’s lid is cracked and has holes so can no longer be drank through and the ignition system doesn’t work so I start it with a fire steel but it is still going strong and will always find it’s way into my pack no matter what I’m doing!

Recommendation 03: UKHammocks EDC hammock

Why? Possibly the best £20 I’ve ever spent! Originally designed as a “gear locker” to sling under your hammock whilst sleeping, it also doubles up as a chair for when you stop for a brew, a hammock for a little nap, emergency kit carry bandolier style, or even a good stretcher lashed to a pole for carrying a casualty…

I can fold this thing down so small it can be carried in a pocket, it takes up no room or weight in my pack and the comfort and versatility it brings ensures it’s always with me outdoors.

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