What improving packs for the next adventure looks like…

I’m passionate about seeing packs improved so that the next time they venture out with you, they’re not a hindrance, but are simply along for the ride.

Over the years, a growing community of Pack Config readers have helped me identify and implement effective ways to share our own experiences and help others. Lots of blogs like to expand or diversity the topics they cover. I’m going to reduce and focus in what we regularly share here at Pack Config to a few key features.

Here are the ways everyone can get involved in helping us see packs improved…


Pack. Contents. Photo. List. Send. Done.

Loadouts are the backbone of Pack Config, plus they’re super easy to put together… Get your pack down on the floor. Empty the contents and arrange them (neat or messy) by your pack. Take a photo of the gear (check for good lighting and blurry photos!). Email that photo to me, along with a list of the gear. I’ll get it on the site.


Many of us put our gear through hell. If, after it has taken a beating, it is still going strong, we might consider recommending it. The more it takes, the more likely we are to recommend it.

The Pack Essentials feature is about giving you a place to rave about that stand out gear that has impressed you time after time. Whatever it is, if it’s carried in your pack, I wanna hear about it! Simply email me to say “hi” and we’ll get started. You can always check out what other readers have recommended first.


Field Reports are our newest feature and their main aim is to inspire. By sharing the various conditions of an adventure, like the location, weather or the activities that took us there, others can see our loadout in context and be better equipped to either following in our footsteps or pioneer their own similar trail elsewhere.

If you’ve got a loadout from a particular trip or trail you’ve been on, why not consider beefing it up a bit and making it a field report. Check out the ones we’ve shared already to be inspired or drop me an email and we can discuss getting you on the map (literally!).