About Pack Config

A good pack setup comes along for the ride, shares the load and rises to the challenge; all without being the focus of your journey because of any flaws. Pack Config focuses on the packs we carry and the gear we load inside them. It is a place to be inspired with new methods of packing, refining your existing configuration or discovering new gear.

Our vision is simple

Improving your pack for the next adventure.

So what does improving packs for the next adventure looks like? I’ve created a whole variety of different features over the years, but rather than muddy the waters, I’ve identified and singled out three key features that meet the vision of what Pack Config is about and I’m focusing on those. You can explore them in the link below…

I often get asked how Pack Config all started, so I took the time to write down the story. Both Pack Config and myself have come along massively since then, but it’s part of the history and worth checking out here.

I love hearing from fellow Pack Configers and I’m always up for receiving emails with stories of your latest adventures, a great configuration you have or a product you want to recommend. Basically anything pack related you’d like to share, drop me an email and I’ll get back to you.

Supporter Unit: In the past Pack Config has requested financial support for specific reasons, either through making a direct donation or purchasing a specific product and I am extremely grateful to these generous people: Rafa Salamanca, Stephen Dumas, Eddie Dennis, Carl Lafferty, Kazuya Tamura, ChungHowe Kwan, Robert Philips, Thomas Hutton, Chris Wheatley, Benjamin Garcia, Christopher Russell, Douglas Lee, Wndsn, Jed Edwards, Rori Jean, Kevin Rogers, Matthew de Jesus, Rick Stowe, James Nee, Garrett O’Donoghue, Patrick Mariolo and Ethan Georgi.

Affiliates Disclosure:

To make the posts on Pack Config the best possible resource they can be, links are added to products that guide you to a place where they can be purchased. These are not always the only place they are available, so I recommend shopping around to find the best deal. Every effort is made to ensure these links are to legitimate sellers, however it is always recommended that you use your own desecration when making a purchase. Pack Config cannot access responsibility for any purchase made on any external websites.

Pack Config also takes part in affiliates programs to help generate income that supports the continuation of the blog. When we link to a product on Amazon, GORUCK and Recycled Firefighter, if you choose to make a purchase (within a limited amount of time) Pack Config may earn a sales commission based on a percentage of the cost you pay.

In the case of the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, Pack Config can only identify the individual products that have been purchased, and these are never linked to any customer information.

In the case of the GORUCK Affiliates Program, Pack Config only knows how much will be paid out from a transaction. No product or customer information is ever available to Pack Config.

The AvantLink Affiliate Program was used for a short period for a few select links, and operates in a similar fashion to the above mentioned programs. No income has ever been generation through it, and I intend to not use this program in future.

For more information about the affiliate programs Pack Config is actively involved in please visit these links: GORUCK and Amazon.

If you have any questions about our links, please get in touch here.

Review process:

Pack Config is often contacted by manufacturers and companies asking us to promote their goods. A large number are turned down or don’t hear back from us. Rather than feature every single company that offers us “free stuff” the Team at Pack Config love to talk about the gear we’re passionate about.

Before I go any further, on behalf of the Pack Config contributors and myself, I’d love to address the “free stuff” comment. While it can seem like being sent a free piece of gear to test and review is a great ride, it requires a lot of work and is often a privilege that we pay for in other ways.

I earn (in my day job) based on an hourly rate, so for me, time very much is money. To properly test out a new piece of gear, it requires getting it out of the house and on adventures with me. Wherever possible I like to take something with me for a number of outings so that I get a broad sense of the product and it’s ability to perform in a range of environments and activities based on my own life. This all takes time, but is certainly enjoyable time!

I will often write between 1,000 to 2,000 words per review, which takes time to do in itself, let alone the editing and refining (anyone ever written a dissertation?). As well as taking photos in the field, I will make time to photograph any features I may have missed and edit all of these photos to help give our readers a good visual sense of the product too.

Even using the review templates I have set up, constructing a review post takes time too. Once a review is finally launched, the time spent on it almost always equates to more than the cost of the product by any reasonable hourly rate, sometimes it’s a lot more.

With that in mind I see the testing and reviewing a product as a two way deal. For the cost of a pack (or any other product) we’ll put in our time and effort, and throw in any promotion the post may generate in return.

Review transparency:

There are a number of dedicated adventurers at Pack Config who contribute by writing reviews. Here are some of the ways those packs are acquired:

1. Purchased with our own money
2. Purchased, but using a discount code given for the purposes of the review
3. Exchanged for the service of producing the review (worded this way in light of my earlier comments!)

I will never put any of our contributors under pressure to review something favourably, and if I hear of any such pressure coming from the company involved I won’t stand for it. Our reviews are honest, regardless of how the product has been obtained.

That said I don’t enjoy reviews that slate a product for no reason. If we give criticism, we’ll make every attempt to also give reasons and offer constructive solutions if we can think of them.

Please note: I’m still in the process of updating all of our reviews to show this information accurately on each post.

If you have any questions about our reviews, please get in touch here.