Reader Essentials with Brian Redgrave

Business owner Brian joins our conversation and shares his top 3 essential carry items.

Recommendation 01: Personal Survival Kit or PSK

Why? What ever pack I’m carrying while out on a photo shoot, hiking, on a road trip, or out with my family I am always carrying a small survival kit. This kit isn’t meant for a true survival situation but more to start a fire to keep warm, purify some dirty water, or to apply first aid to a small cut. In my kit you’ll find a small first aid kit, flashlight, ferro rod, water purification tablets, compass, some tinder, and some form of a Multitool. I keep everything organized in a small pouch to aid in locating an item and for ease of transfer from pack to pack.

Recommendation 02: Insulated Water Bottle

Why? One of the most important things for your body is keeping hydrated. I keep an insulated water bottle in any pack I’m carrying if I’m out hiking or out and about with my family. It also works great for keeping some coffee warm on a cold day…

Recommendation 03: A Small Point and Shoot Camera

Why? I keep a Sony a6000 with a 16-50mm kit lens, 64gb SD card, a couple batteries, and a DSPTCH camera strap, in my pack no matter where I’m going. I make a living shooting real estate but my passion is outdoor/wildlife photography. I keep a camera with me to shoot off a few photos at a location I may want to revisit or just wanting to save a memory with my family.

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