Reader Essentials with Nico

Nico joins our conversation and shares his top 3 essential carry items.

Pack of Choice: Lightspeed V1 by Triple Aught Design (V2 available here)

Recommendation 01: Bose QC35

Why? I travel a lot on a weekly basis. Even my commute to the office is 1.5 hour each way. Having the possibility to clear my head or break away from the ambiant noise is a must. Very comfortable and less conspicuous than my Peltor.

Recommendation 02: Notebooks

Why? Being able to take notes at any given time is critical. I meet a lot of people in my line of work and a lot of great ideas are flying around. Field Notes are an obvious choice. I tend to favour those distributed by my buddy Jason from the Paperstax Project because it is supporting a great cause at the same time.

Why? My first aid and trauma kits evolve depending on my destination or my activity. the boo boo kit from ITS Tactical is a constant 1st line item and it goes everywhere I go. Can’t count the amount of times this little pouch help save the day.

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