Reader Essentials with David Massey

Multimedia Producer/Photojournalist and Pack Config contributor, David Massey, joins our conversation and shares his top 3 essential carry items.

Pack of Choice: Mystery Ranch 3DAP

Why? When you work with a computer every day, more specifically a laptop, you have to connect things to it. So I have searched and searched for a pouch that was the right size and had the right features to pack it with cords and peripherals. I bought the OV Innovations E-Pocket Organizer a while back and never really found a perfect use for it. It was a great essentials pouch but I had other pouches that worked for other things. I had a pouch for cords and cables and CF Card Readers but they were either too big or too small.

So it dawned on me that this could be the perfect pouch for all of those USB cables, charging cables, etc. I was right! I was able to fit a 2 TB external drive, tons of cables, zip-ties, a Multi-Card Reader and two cable adaptors. It’s not terribly exciting but it’s in my pack every day and gets a lot of use.

Recommendation 02: LensLight KO TAD Edition

Why? The flashlight is as ubiquitous as a knife is when it comes to the EDC community. I could never carry a 2xCR123 torch in my pocket because of the size, but I carry one in my pack everyday. I don’t use this every single day, but it gets carried for the potential need, which always exist. I work in a secure building with no windows on my floor. If for some reason, the power goes out in the building with no emergency auxiliary functioning, a flashlight will be essential. The same is true for my travel pack, you could always need a powerful flashlight. The brand isn’t as important as the role it plays but the LensLight KO TAD Edition is just one of the 2xCR123’s that I own and rotate into my pack.

Why? I am connected to my phone for most of the day. I’m not proud of it, but it seems we are on our phone more than we aren’t. I have a small family now and they are important to me, so if I cannot be in contact with them because of a dead mobile, then I am useless to them. So I have always carried a portable power source to keep my phone charged. I have tried several brands and Anker and this latest RAVPower Extreme have proven to be the best. I can charge my iPhone 7 about 8-9 times before recharging. It charges fast too!

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