Pack Essentials: Kifaru Pullouts

Kei and Ryo are adventure pioneers, so when they recommend a piece of gear to me I sit up and pay attention.

Today they wanted to share their love of the Kifaru Pullouts. For the Thunder Bird Hills brothers, these are essential pockets for adventuring as they offer a comfortable solution to organisation. They find them easy to use at any size, but are particular fans of the L and XL sizes.

Here are some photos of theirs in use along with what they frequently carry in each.

Size: Small Pullout (Multicam)
Contents: stick coffee, pen, flashlight, fire tool, small tools and food etc.

Size: Medium Pullout (Mesh, Foliage Green)
Contents: Freeze dry foods, underwear etc.

Size: Large Pullout (Multicam)
Contents: Rain gear, light down jacket etc.

Size: X-Large Pullout (Typhon)
Contents: High loft insulation jacket (Shagmaster Hoodie, PCU L7 etc.), tent etc

And finally, how they all pack together…

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Kei Fujimoto Photographic Contributor & Adventurer

Born in Osaka, Japan, Kei works as as graphic designer and his hobbies include hiking and camping. He lives with his wife and his two dogs, Cookie and Sid. More…