Pack Essentials: Thyrm Cell Vault

I’ve played around with a number of ways of storing my batteries, but I’ve settled on this effective, accessible and versatile solution.

Battery storage is definitely a significant consideration when it comes to packing. I used to keep my torch batteries in a container, in a pouch, inside my pack, hidden away from where the ever prevalent British rain can get to it.

Then one day I when out in the late evening for a quick explore through some local woodland. Darkness soon descended on me but I had my trusty LensLight pumping out it’s steady beam. But just as I was about to head back, my light went out.

It was in that moment that I realised that didn’t even have a backup light with me. I’m known as the guy who always has a torch in his pocket, so the blow of being this stupid hit me hard. I had spare batteries so I was fine, but spending a few minutes in the pitch black, searching for where I had buried them made me aware that I needed to smarten up.

This is where the Thyrm Cell Vault stepped in. Solid, waterproof and easily attachable to the outside of any pack with any webbing, the Cell Vault quickly became my one and only battery storage solution. They offer a range of colours (including transparent) plus they have an XL model that allows for even more storage.

Initially, I couldn’t get my head around the opening process. Attaching it upright means that when you open it to access your batteries they potentially all fall out. CR123 batteries fit so snug that the tube needs a little squeeze on the wider ends to drop them out, creating a little stop gap.

The beauty of the Cell Vault is that it can be attached any way up, or even with the vault behind any wider webbing you have and the clip on the outside. With four potential orientations I always find something that works. The attachment system is easy if you’ve ever attached a MOLLE compatible pouch to your webbing and the connection is quick and secure.

I’ve also found other ways to attach it. It spent a while on my essential tools Micro Kit by Triple 7 Gear. It was a perfect fit and didn’t interfere with the opening or closing of the pouch, it was the perfect expansion pack.

There’s also a lanyard hole on the top and bottom in case you want to hang it. Plus its tubular shape means that it slips into any spare space you have in your pack with ease.

I primarily carried spare batteries in mine so far but since getting the XL size that they now offer, I’ve tried out a few combination that I’ll be sharing over the next few weeks to demonstrate what they can accommodate.

The Cell Vault lives up to the name, with the completely sealed and rugged construction. I’ve carried mine attached to the outside of my pack through all sorts of weather without a second thought. It’s tough, waterproof and feels me with confidence that my gear is safe and secure inside. That’s why it’s become a piece of essential gear over the months that I’ve carried it and I can honestly recommend getting hold of one, or even a few!

You can learn more about Thyrm on the product pages linked above or by visiting their website.

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