Sharing Your Loadout

Everyone loves reviews and gear recommendations, but for the best content, we need you…

The regular stream of inspiration that comes from you, the readers, is right at the heart of Pack Config. Nothing helps our pack choices more than learning from others. Whether it’s a tried and test combination of items or something new you’re trying out, we want to see it.

How To:

It’s easy to get something that looks great, but here’s a few tips to help others get the best out of what you’ve got to share:

  • Find some floor space
  • Check the lighting (daylight is best)
  • Dump the contents of your pack on the floor space
  • Arrange contents (and pack!) as desired. Styles can include casualorganised or O.C.D.
  • Take a photo using a DSLR camera or your smart phone
  • (Check your photo isn’t blurry!)
  • Quickly type up a list of the items. Be specific, be vague, we don’t mind!
  • Email your photo and list to me using the link below…

Feel free to include details of how and where you use the pack, BUT remember short, sharp posts are best. I look forward to seeing what you come up with. Thanks everyone!

Don’t forget to ask for help if you need it!