Pack Essential: Maxpedition Field Notebook Cover

Configeer #005, Brian Redgrave, shares one of his essential pieces of gear, that can be find in any of his many packs.

One of the most essential items I carry for every day carry purposes is a notebook of some kind. Wither it’s writing a simple reminder, someone’s phone number, letting my boys sketch while trying to keep them entertained, or in a worse case scenario you need to take down info in case of an accident, there are numerous uses for notebooks.

Being a collector of packs, trying to keep a notebook in every pack becomes it’s own task, so this is where a notebook cover comes into place. Being able to grab a notebook with some simple writing utensils makes transport much easier and versatile especially when carrying a pack with no admin pocket.

I use a Maxpedition Field Notebook Cover which holds a 7 1/4” by 4 5/8” Rite in the Rain or similar in size notebooks. Additional organization is possible via two rear interior slip pockets to hold an additional note pad or business cards, an internal pen/pencil admin style panel that will hold Four pens/pencils as well a small elastic slot for a Fisher Space Pen or a lead refill tube for your favorite mechanical pencil, and a 3” by 4” loop panel in front of the cover to attach a morale patch.

In my notebook cover I carry a few basic items to keep the kit more universal as I will add/remove items depending on specific needs. Items I carry in the cover every day include a Rite in the Rain Field Notebook, Pentel Mechanical Pencil, Hinderer Knives Aluminum Extreme Duty Pen, ferro rod, a small first aid/boo-boo kit, and a back up 5.5” by 3.5” Field Note Book from Violet Little Machine Shop. Attached to the external loop material panel is a N.E.R.D. Glasses morale patch from Rebound Design Lab.

One negative I’d like to point out is Maxpedition no longer produces this specific notebook cover. Good news is other companies like Rite in the Rain, Recycled Firefighter, and Tactical Tailor (x2), are still producing some great products to meet our needs.

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