Our Top 10 Water Bottle Brands

Chosen by the Pack Config Community

If there’s one thing that everyone can agree must be included in every pack it’s the water bottle. As an essential part of health and survival, good hydration keeps you going further.

There are a few things to look out for when choosing a water bottle, the materials it is made from, its durability and how easy it is to keep clean. There are also considerations as to how it is used, for example whether you’re drinking on the go or stopping to take a break. All factors that will affect your choice. 

We recently asked the Pack Config Community to tell us about their favourite water bottles, and we’ve combined that with years of loadouts from our readers, to put together this list for you of tried and tested brands.


01. Nalgene


Wide Mouth, Oasis, On-The-Fly Top

Nalgeen is a firm favourite especially with the large capacity available and the wide mouth – perfect for filling, pouring out into pans or dog bowls, and for adding ice.

Lots of the Pack Config community like to hack their Nalgene wide mouth bottles with the Human Gear Cap-Cap, giving you all the benefits of a wide bottle but making it easier to drink on the go. 


02. Klean Kanteen


Classic, Insulated

Klean Kanteen is by far the brand we see most often in our Pack Config loadouts. It’s easy to see why; they are lightweight, easy to keep clean and resilient enough to be thrown in a pack. Perfect for urban commuters and outdoor adventurers. 

“For me this is the perfect all day bottle, a classic Klean Kanteen 50cl non insulated. I prefer stainless steel or glass for any food/beverage matter. No plastic, PET or similar things.”
– Romain B.


03. Hydro Flask


Trail Series, Straw Lid, 24oz

Hydro Flasks are well loved by our Configeers. Featuring an insulated wall which is particularly useful for those in hotter climates and the 3 days here in the UK that reach the 30 degree mark! Their TempShield promises to keep beverages cold for up to 24 hours. 

The new Trail Series was also mentioned as it is 25% lighter without losing any capacity – reducing the weight in your pack. 

Pictured here is Configeer Jon’s Trail Series Bottle that has “taken a beating” for the past two years.

“I’m posting a pic of it on its side because for the past five months, that’s where it goes when I fill it and chuck into the tote with my wet weather essentials. Since the flask has never leaked while lying flat … that’s how I stash it.”

Jon C.​

Jons Hydroflask

04. CamelBak


Chute Mag, Eddy, 33oz

“One with a straw is a must!! I hate being on the go and having to slow down, twist the cap off, and hope I don’t spill on myself.

Right now I have the CamelBak Eddy+ 33oz. Both the plastic and double walled; whichever I pick that day is decided by the day’s journey.

The straw is pretty much leak proof, which makes it a bit more work to use (bite straw). Worth it in my opinion. I have yet to have these bad boys leak on me or in my packs.”

– Meghan S.


05. Platypus


SoftBottle 1.0L

This has been Nat’s go to bottle for carrying extra water on a trip for the last few years. Lightweight and incredibly compact when empty it’s the perfect storage for back up/cooking water, yet still resilient enough to be in a pack without any leaks.

Although it is plastic, which is a negative for some, all Platy bottles are BPA-free, BPS-free, and phthalate-free.


06. Heavy Cover


Titanium Canteen, Titanium EDC Water Bottle

“Since 2014, the Heavy Cover Titanium has combined a material with the highest strength to weight ratio and a design that continues to stand the test of time. The result is a lightweight, durable bottle. Perfect for those counting ounces on the trail; as well as those with hazardous job occupations which require a personal hydration device on them at all times.” 

– Heavy Cover Website


07. HydraPak


Seeker, Force

Another brand of high quality reservoirs we see recurring in the Configeer loadouts is Hydrapak. A couple of the features of the Force bladder that stood out to us were the insulated hose, to stop you from getting that first mouthful of warm water when using the bite valve, and the slide-seal top which makes it fully reversible for cleaning and drying, because it easily turns inside out.

08. Osprey



The Osprey Hydraulics range is one we see in the community loadouts. They often go hand-in-hand with an Osprey Hydration pack as the two are made to work together. Their magnetic bite valve is a feature that stands out allowing you to drink on the go, as well as the slide-seal top for reversible cleaning.

09. Chilly’s Bottle


Original Bottle

[For me it’s the] “Chilly bottle, looks smart enough to sit on a desk and robust enough to take out in the field. Has kept water freezing cold inside whilst sat in a hot 30+ degree car all day.”
– Connor S.


10. Yeti


Magdock Cap, Straw Cap, Mag Slider Cap

“All YETI Bottles are dishwasher safe, double-wall vacuum insulated and built with stainless steel – keeping your drinks icy cold, and protected from the likes of taking a tumble out of the truck or down a boulder. Every size insulated bottle will accommodate each of our four different cap accessories, so one bottle fits all.”
– Yeti Website

We hope this list has helped you know what you are looking for in your next water bottle, and of course has helped you improve your pack for your next adventure.

No Pack Config water bottle is truly complete without some awesome vinyls, and you can find ours in our store. 

We have also combined a shopping list here of most of our top 10 bottles for you to check out. 

By Lauren Wagstaff

Editor & Contributor, more posts.

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Jun 21, 2021