Loadout: Little Climber Kit

We were delighted when Rebecca from Little Adventure Shop agreed to send us a loadout for our family orientated New Perspective week, plus we love what she (and her daughter!) came up with…

Rebecca: As Mum to an active family who like to get out an about as much as possible climbing, paddling and biking we’ve accrued a sizeable kit mountain. So as soon as my daughters were toddling they’ve had their own rucksacks primarily so I can spread the kit load amongst the family! The kids also really enjoyed carrying their favourite teddy and that meant I could sneak a water bottle and change of clothes in the sack too. Over the years the kids have grown and their packs have got bigger, so now they can carry a good amount of their own kit.

These are the packing rules:
1) They must pack and unpack their own sacks
2) They must carry XYZ (dependent on activity)
3) They can take whatever else they like as long as it fits in their rucksack and they can still pick it up, and finally
4) Any trinkets (usually pebbles and rocks!) they pick up during their adventures they have to carry home in their own rucksack.

Here’s a loadout of my daughters pack after a day out climbing:

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Sep 21, 2020