Loadout: Spare Camel EDC

I love it when readers decide to share the content of their packs. Here’s what Tyler sent us…

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This is my EDC and carry-on Load Out for a family vacation to the West Coast…  Including a trip to Disney and a day hike to the Hollywood sign.

BO Gear Spare Camel backpack (Brisbane Outdoor Gear). Absolutely the best pack ever created! My Pack Config patch wasn’t delivered in time. Bummer! Editor: But you do have an awesome GR Light patch!!! Nice one!

PATAGONIA hoodie and trucker hat. These are my comfort items, plus I get chilly on airplanes!

• Cheap folder and notebook with an assortment of pens/pencils/sharpie. Two pocket sized Moleskine notebooks packed for quick access.

BO Gear Simple Sally pouch. Used as an EDC dopp kit with chapstick/tissues/meds.

ANKER braided 10ft iPhone charger. So far the best charger I’ve had working everyday for the past 6 months.

VON ZIPPER sunglasses and pouch. Basic necessities!

40ft of paracord in hi-vis orange on a handmade wooden spool. It should go as an unsaid rule that you never leave the house without some paracord!

• Cheap earbuds cause I’m always losing them.

32oz NALGENE bottle. Empty for the flight of course.

•  BO Gear Cellblock M pouch. Carries several of the smaller items at the top of my bag. Really helps to distribute the weight/bulk.

NEW BELGIUM koozie. Just cause you never know when you’ll need one!

BO Gear Schrapsacs. Three of them; one with a power bank and cord, one with spare change, one for extra earbuds. Cause the kids lose them too!

RECYCLED FIREFIGHTER Truckie pouch. I use this one for my pocket dump stuff like a hanky and flashlight.

PATAGONIA Houdini packable raincoat and a small cheap towel. Cause it rains sometimes and kids always make messes!

REI stuff-sack and homemade pill bottle FA kit. Never leave home without a few bandaids. Dang kids!

MAXPEDITION Skinny Organizer pouch used as an allergy/emergency kit with epipens and such for my daughter. Airplanes have peanuts!

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