Loadout: MOAB Commuter Pack

We’re asking our readers to show us the content of their packs. Here’s a submission from Jed Edwards.

by | 15, May 2015 | Jed Edwards, Loadout | 0 comments

This is my daily/commuter’s bag and its contents. The bag is a 5.11 MOAB 10, which I find is a great size for my day. I’ve attached the rush tier clips to the bag and their other half lives in my rush 72. Also is an Adventure Light Guardian (in blue), and a Hazard 4 stabiliser strap because one-strap bags suck if you need to move quickly. On the hip is a Maxpedition Mini Roly-Poly Pouch and the patch is also Maxpedition.

Next to the pack are its daily contents. From the top:

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