Loadout: MOAB Commuter Pack – follow up

A reader asked about how comfortable the sling pack was from our latest Loadout post. Here’s the owners response…

by | 19, May 2015 | Jed Edwards, Loadout | 0 comments

A reader asked: How comfortable does your 5.11 MOAB sit? I haven’t had a good experience with sling bags but like the concept, how would you rate yours?

Jed Edwards was kind enough to respond with these comments: I’m really happy with the MOAB 10, I’ve worn it almost every day for about 10 months now, so I feel like it was a good choice. As I said that’s mostly going to and from work, but I wear it about town and even for day hikes out on moorland when I feel like packing light. The central fitting of the MOAB’s main strap means it sits at a slight angle on the back, which may bother some people, but I would say it’s more comfortable than the Maxpedition Sitka (and my Sitka-owning friend agrees with this) which rides much more vertically. I tend to pull the strap tight to my body which means it rides quite high across the chest and under the arm, but again I actually find that very comfortable. I don’t find it rubs against my neck or puts a big strain on my shoulder, and if worn tight it doesn’t move around a lot when moving. I would suggest picking up some extra strap that can run from the off-side hip to the sternum for stability if you plan on running.

If you’ve had problems with sling bags before then I won’t promise a solution, I went looking for a sling when I bought this, but I do think the Moab is the best designed in its category. I picked this up after 18 months of wearing a Maxped Fatboy every day, I looked at the Sitka and various Hazard 4 alternatives, tried on a few of them (thanks to my local shop for being patient), and I chose this.

Editor: Above is pictured a close up of Jed’s Maxpedition mini pocket organiser.

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