Loadout: Lego Hiker Lego_Loadout_web_large

Loadout: Lego Hiker

I reached out to Pack Config Supporter Unit member, Robert Philips, to put together this awesome collaboration loadout project. For anyone who hasn’t discover @robp787 yet, get over there right away and follow his feed.

He’s producing some stunning and inspiring Lego focused creations. I’m particularly a fan of his new “loadout” series and so I got in touch with him about creating a Pack Config Lego Loadout. As he was already a fan of the blog it was a great match and I love what he created.

Rather than let this piece stay static with a link to “Lego” I thought I’d take the opportunity to include some recommended pieces, that I either know as popular alternatives to this Lego gear, or have experience of using myself. Enjoy!

Editor: Nothing helps our pack choices more than learning from others, so if you have a great loadout to share click the button below to get started…

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