Recon: Tareinco Custom PSK Belt Pouch

A few months ago I decided I wanted to carry my survival kit either on my belt or attached to my pack. However, I didn’t want a huge pouch, and a certain balance of organization was key.

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Editor’s note: Unfortunately TAREINCO has shut down and we no longer endorse or support them, however I’ve decided to keep this article up for everyone’s info as Rick has some great perspectives in here…

After a bit of discouragement with my search results I came across TAREINCO’s Neck Neat Freak Pouch. The Neck NFP was incredibly close to what I was looking for in terms of design and organization, but was just a bit on the large side. I decided to contact TAREINCO CEO Mark Basa about the possibility of modify the Neck NFP, and he quickly responded that he was interested in the project. Within a few email exchanges we solidified the modifications and the order was placed.

Three weeks later my pouch arrived, and I was instantly impressed with the quality of the materials and the craftsmanship of the pouch. It’s made of 1000D Cordura, mil-spec textiles, and a YKK zipper. The stitching is all well aligned and properly reinforced. Every aspect of the pouch shows that Mark takes pride in every aspect of his USA made products.

Over the last week I’ve carried the pouch on a few outings and played with the organization of the contents. The first thing I noticed was the size, specifically the width, allows the pouch to be carried at any point on my belt. Whether in conjunction with my camera bag, carrying a knife in multiple configurations, or wearing a pack the pouch takes up very little space while keeping the kit at hand. It’s also just deep enough to keep all of the contents easily accessible and secure while not getting in the way while sitting down.

The layout of the pouch is ideal for my intended uses. My goal was to have my chosen survival items on hand, and just important they needed to be organized. The pouch is made up of three sections.

The first is a small sleeve on the front that is secured by hook and loop. I’ve chosen to keep this empty in case I need to add items to the kit on the go. Some possibilities would include a pen, extra batteries, or even collected tinder.

The main pocket is accessed through a 6 inch zipper located just above the first sleeve. This compartment is lined with orange ripstop nylon and is bisected by an elastic band that includes two loops. I use this elastic divider to separate large items in front and behind the strap with smaller pieces of kit held in place by the strap. At this time I keep first aid supplies and a few other thin items behind the divider, the first loop holds a small fishing kit, and the second holds purification tablets and minimal repair supplies.

Lastly, in front of the elastic divider is a signal mirror, a double bagged collection of wet tinders, 15 feet of bankline, surveyors tape, a small ferro rod, and a whistle. Behind this pocket the back sleeve is secured with hook and loop located along the top edge of the pouch. It’s perfectly fitted to carry a small mylar blanket.

Mark also sent me this photo before shipping the pouch to me that shows he also included grommets and 550 cord so the pouch can be carried around my neck if need be.

I’ll post a further review of the pouch after it gets some use on a few trips. Even though the pouch has minimal field time at this point I believe it will serve me well. I’d like to thank Mark Basa for making this pouch for me, and truly living up to TAREINCO’s motto of “Providing Effective Solutions”.

Editor’s note: Unfortunately TAREINCO has shut down and we no longer endorse or support them, however I’ve decided to keep this article up for everyone’s info as Rick has some great perspectives in here…

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