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Day hike with my kids and taking some stock landscape photos for Getty Images and my personal portfolio.


High 50’s (°F), on and off rain, slight wind


Prometheus Design Werx: SHADO, fully loaded


PDW DRB Camp Axe
PDW Strider fixed blade
Solo Stove with pot
Sony A6300 with Zeiss 16-70mm lens
Neoprene cover for camera
PDW Mizu water bottle
Victorinox Swiss Army Knife
LensLight flashlight
Leather briar pipe/tobacco travel pouch I fabbed myself
Misc dry hot beverage pouches and snacks

Not pictured is a small survival and first aid kits

Field Report

The PDW Shado Pack is a design that I have been waiting on for quite some time. The balance of the pack when loaded, the achievable organization, and the minimalist outer features does not scream “tactical” but could easily handle most conditions it’s put under. This is a very versatile pack.

When the Shado Pack is fully loaded I found the TOF padded belt is a must to help with lower and upper back support, as well taking some of the load off the shoulder straps was a big help.

This specific pack was part of the first batch PDW came out with and there were some features I would’ve changed with this pack that PDW did already did with their more updated run. These changes included removing of the admin style organization in the water bottle pockets, adding loop material in the top front pocket to be used with the admin style tiles or other brands for easy adaptable organization, slight shortening of the shoulder straps, and dividing what was one larger mesh pocket into two individual mesh pockets inside the main front compartment. Other than the features that have already been updated, there is not anything else I would change about this pack.

Configeer #005

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