Yosemite National Park



A brisk morning hike with the missus enjoying the beautiful landscapes of the Yosemite, ascending up the Yosemite falls trail to the Columbia Rock viewpoint.


Sunny warm morning, around 46°F


Kifaru International E&E gen2 packed to the brim


On me, In the two chamber pockets inside and in the Paraclete medium GP pouch I have attached on the lid I carry the following items:
Everest light down jacket
TAD Field Cap
Warrior IFAK with essential medical supplies
Nalgene Wide Mouth 1L water bottle
Canon 500D with 50mm and 18-55mm lenses
Little snack
Magpul Technical Gloves
Two TAD Batuca’s with spare batteries
Petzl Tikkina 2
Notebook Cover MkII made by me
Fieldnotes and pens
PDW Solas patch for hi-viz purposes
Leatherman Tool
Brunton 7×18 monocular

Field Report

The Kifaru E&E is a great day pack. I chose it for the overall trip for its compactness and low profile. It is easy to carry around and even though it is covered in molle and green, I think it is relatively non-military like. The E&E holds all the bare essentials I need on a day trip like this.

And when you are doing a really short hike like the ascend to the Columbia Rock, you really do not need much with you. But in a place like Yosemite, you still need to be prepared for different scenarios. Just a week before we were there it had snowed there, but on our walk the sun was shining bright and warm, so the down jacket was totally unnecessary for me. But what might have been!

Same goes to a lot of the items I had with me; the knife, the compass, medical supplies etc. went unused. Then again water and the snacks were a must, and the camera along with the scope were a delight at the viewpoint itself.

What really came through were the Magpul Gloves. I have had these for a quite some time now and I do like them a lot. But now I noticed one special little detail that I had not discovered previously. The fuzzy material on the outer side of the thumb is great for wiping the sweat from your brow! The climb up was a though one and the pace we were moving was almost making rivers run down my face. But one sweep with the back of my hand and I was good to go. Small thing, but those are the things that count, right?

The Kifaru E&E is not a perfect day pack, but it gets the job done and keeps you from over packing. At least it keeps you over packing TOO MUCH, as I probably would do with a larger pack. The modularity helps you to change it to better suit your needs, but then again it might increase the “tactical” look of it.

Configeer #010

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