Pack Essentials: PDW AG Watch Cap

Type ‘The Deer Hunter’ into google picture search and one of the first images shows Robert De Niro in the iconic watch cap.

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That was also my own first connotation when Patrick (Prometheus Design Werx founder) posted a photo on the PDW Facebook page. Finally! Perfect, the best ever interpretation of this very famous cap… the AG Watch Cap by Prometheus Design Werx!

It’s made of merino wool to ensure the best possible thermal comfort in any weather conditions. Knitted in California, it has a distinctive look and feel. The quality of fibre and craftsmanship is really THE best I’ve had in any of my winter caps… and if you consider that my drawer is full of 20+ knitted caps (at least half of them are made of merino wool) well, I can say something about it.

I’ve been carrying it in the woodland, the autumn mountains, when hiking, shooting, or just walking around. What I really dig about merino wool is the breathability combined with thermal comfort. It’s just right, not too hot, not too cool. At least in the range from +10 down to -5 Celsius. I haven’t had chance to try it below -5 so far, so I have to try it in harsh winter conditions (that will come in February), but so far I really like it.

It’s fit is quite snug, but it doesn’t compress my head as most fleece and acrylic fiber caps do. The PDW logo is quite discreet, but still visible for people who know what PDW is. It’s my default go-to cap now. It also looks ‘alpha male’ and make my beard grow faster, as least my wife and daughter say so 😉 !

As I said, it’s been based on an all-time classic design. Worn in combat by US Special Forces and SAS guys. Used as a work cap for sailors, outdoorsmen and lumberjacks. Worn by guys like Steve McQueen, Lee Marvin or Robert De Niro. If that’s not a classic… what is? Get one as soon as it’s available again, they sell fast!

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