Pack Essential: PDW Ti-Signal Whistle

Brian Redgrave shares this month's Configeer items of the month.
The signal whistle, or emergency whistle, has been a part of either personal and/or professional kits for generations. Whether for police work, personal security, search and rescue, etc. the signal whistle has been a proven essential signaling item.

Spending time hiking in the woods or cruising an off-road trail in my Tundra I have been needing to add some form of personal signaling device in case of injury or being lost on a trail. I wanted something both lightweight, didn’t take up too much neck space, and is made of a material that will enable functionality in various weather conditions.

Recently, Prometheus Design Werx launched their Ti-Signal Whistle. Measuring at just under 2.25 inches in length, 0.4 inches in diameter, weighing only 0.55 ounces, and machined of corrosion proof 6AL-4V Titanium Billet (including their pineapple gripped pattern), this high-pitched signal whistle checked off what I was looking for. 

I placed the order and a few days later my new whistle showed up packaged in a nice storage tin. The tin itself can also be repurposed for storing small survival kit items or fire-starting materials. 

Also included with the Ti-Signal Whistle is a 27 inch (with a 4.5-inch extension piece) stainless steel ball chain. Soon after, off I went to annoy my neighbors and try out my new signal whistle. 

The Prometheus Design Werx Ti-Signal Whistle performs as described emitting a loud high-pitched sound, depending on the force of air applied through the whistle, carries very lightly, and is a recommended piece of kit.  

By Brian Redgrave

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