Loadout: Everyday & Work Carry

Here’s a typical loadout from Modchop that he uses for everyday and work carry.

This set up is used daily for work which involves an hours commute each way so I like to try and cover as many bases as possible as my work also involves visiting various sites throughout the day. I like to be self reliant as there is seldom a ‘normal’ day at work (I work in social housing on the maintenance and building side) and can be away from the office for most of the day sometimes so having enough power for various devices and a virtual mobile office in my bag makes life a lot easier.

Starting with the pack itself; the pack is a Douchebags ‘The Backpack’ and has a capacity of 21 litres so for me hits that sweet spot of portability and useable volume. It has a full clamshell zippered opening and inside has various zippered mesh pockets for organisation along both sides and on the inside of the opening flap. There’s also an externally accessible small top pocket that is useful for frequently needed small items. There’s also a laptop sleeve, mesh bottle pouch and compression/load straps externally.

Where possible I take a modular approach to loading packs, foremost so I know where things are but also so I can swap various components between packs depending on what I’m likely to need on a given day/week etc.

I picked this colourway/style as aside from a small badge on the front there’s no branding and it looks fairly plain and innocuous to the uninitiated.

Moving across to the right is my Recycled Firefighter notebook cover which currently holds a standard Field Notes notebook (dot grid) with a Zebra stainless steel F-701 pen.

The Evoc ‘Multi Pouch’ mainly holds the mobile office, so various pens, pencils, markers, some stationary and also a couple of different charging options for devices including various USB adaptors and plugs etc. These items are housed within the pouch in various pockets and compartments.

Next along is my ubiquitous 20 Dollar Bandit ‘Micro Pouch’ which frequently switches between whatever I happen to be carrying that day. It’s currently sporting your very own Mythosaur patch. This contains a small boo-boo kit, some cash, AAA Streamlight, spare AAA battery, prybar, lighter and a Leatherman PS4 multitool.

A simple Vans branded pencil case holds an Anker 10000 mah powerbank, Lightening lead and wall plug. Keeping them in here makes them easy to grab and again switch between packs.

The black Multicam pouch is made by @firefly15_hanks and holds antibacterial hand gel and wipes, a knife, fork & spoon set, spare CR123 batteries, reading glasses and usually a few snacks for the day. The Velcro front panel is home to various morale patches that get swapped out as and when.

The water bottle is a Camelbak Chute Mag Vacuum Insulated 1L Bottle with GMBN branding. This is a great bottle year-round keeping drinks either hot or cold depending on need.

Bottom left is my IFAK housed in a Black Diamond Designs pouch that contains all the usual first aid type of things tailored to my needs.

To the right of that is the contents of the top pocket of the pack including a Oakley beanie hat, Anker 12v charger and lead, a Buff, lipsalve and a random Sharpie marker. Next along we have my faithful old Oakley hard shell glass case containing my Oakley Fuel Cell glasses. Directly below is a Muc Off Essentials case that holds a few basic tools including a Leatherman Wave and bits, Maratac scissors and a small brass ruler.

Moving right we have probably one of the most important items in the pack, a silicone collapsible pot containing my teabags for the day. Mao Feng blend green tea in case you’re interested… Below that is my Victorinox Explorer Plus in a black leather pouch.

To the right of that and up slightly is an old Olight S10 Baton that runs on CR123 primary cells and finally directly below this is a monocular which is useful at work for checking out issues with brickwork or roof defects from ground level.

All of this fits easily within the pack while still leaving space for extra clothing layers, paperwork and not forgetting lunch of course.

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