Loadout: Urban Config

Here’s a great loadout that Bullitt shared of his slick EDC setup for his life in Paris.

Bullitt: I would like to share with you my everyday EDC. I’m from France and more precisely Paris. Here is my daily config, I use the GORUCK GR1 21 Litres (2016 generation) for over a year now.

To start outside, I keep the slick look of the GR1 and I’m only using a GORUCK patch and a Petzl carabiner.

In the front pocket I have a small Magpul DAKA, that I use to protect my cables to recharge my iPhone and my Fenix 3 watch. I also have a small RAVPower 10050mAh to be autonomous and always have enough to recharge.

To finish I have a vacuum trauma kit, as well as a tissue pack and an antibacterial hand gel, in the front pocket.

Then in the main compartment I put my Nalgene, and my small box that serves as my lunch box.

In the first inner pocket of the main compartment I keep a cereal bar and a Sharpie. In the second pocket in mesh I keep an Outdoor Research Helium 2 jacket to always have enough to protect me from the rain.

I attach my Mechanix Gloves and my CAT Tourniquet with Grimlocs to the MOLLE insert inside the bag.

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