Loadout: Lowepro EDC

As I was sifting through the submitted loadouts to begin preparing them for sharing I decided to share a recent carry of my own…

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I went through a few weeks of needing to take my camera into the office (not usual for me) as well as a Macbook Pro and a few other essential bits I always carry. I also started trying to take the opportunity to walk to work. It’s only 3.5km but there’s a route that takes me through woodland and along country roads so I loaded up my ProTactic pack and got going.

This pack comes with a significant amount of internal dividers so I was able to configure the insides just how I wanted them. I divided the pack in two as, due to the side opening pocket, it enabled me to access my camera without disturbing the rest of my gear and vice versa. There was a good amount of space left alongside the small amount of camera equipment that I needed, but the likelihood of rain the UK is sporadic at best so some external items were necessary. Here’s the combination that stuck for many an outing, as well as a daily commute…

Outside Config:

Inside Config:

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