Loadout: Family Expeditions

Here’s another loadout that Kevin B uses for adventurous outings with his family, including a bivouac.

Kevin: I am the pack leader of a small tribe made up of 2 princesses and my lady… We rarely go on expeditions for several days, but I like to have enough to set up a small “comfortable” bivouac to put a touch of adventure and expedition to our outings.

To this loadout, I of course add food according to the adventure we are having, and I can add kitchen utensils if necessary. I also add clothes in the same way.

  • SAVOTTA M backpack
  • Carabiner and cord to attach the backpack to a tree (to avoid soaking and dirtying the bottom)
  • Reading
  • My “utility” pocket (I will have to make a listing for this pocket too)
  • Original “Ticket to the Moon” hammock and its bag of fixing cords
  • “Jungle Bag” down from Snugpak
  • Folding saw
  • First aid kit and a survival blanket
  • Reusable garbage bag from Helikon Tex
  • several meters of paracord
  • Mora Eldris knife
  • Pair of binoculars
  • RECTA compass
  • Spool of Sisal twine
  • “Field Notes” notebook and its “all-weather” pencil
  • Water bottle Nalgene 1L
  • Quarter titanium from Prometheus Design Werx
  • Bab’so signal flag (high-visibility)
  • Cup Kupilka 21
  • Seat-Pad from Helikon Tex
  • Tarp 3m x 3m
  • Titanium anchoring stake
  • Titanium wood stove from VARGO
  • MSR gas stove, the “Pocket Rocket” model and its gas cartridge
  • Water filter from MSR, the “TrailShot”
  • Fire stone from Kupilka
By Kevin “White Fox”

Contributor, more posts.

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Apr 27, 2021