Loadout: Evolving Everyday Carry

Here’s what I’m carrying or the items I can readily access from day to day. I’m already planning ways of slimming it down. 

  • Nikon D3000 with 35mm Prime Lens
  • Joby Gorilla Tripod
  • Recon Hank
  • Olight SR1 Baton (older version)
  • Lorimer Leather Caddy with Olight iT3 and Tinker Swiss Army Knife, a custom paracord tie with Stag and Black Bead
  • TAD Battery Pouch with spare camera battery
  • Theory 11 Mandalorian Deck
  • Seiko SNE095P2
  • Folsom by The James Brand
  • PDW Loop backed organiser with BIC Lighter, Leatherman Wave BO Version, Bit Kit and Oscar Delta Go Tube with antacids
  • PDW SHADO Pack with Sarlacc Fett Recon Patch, Sony Headphones, O’Keefe’s Working Hands Cream and Petzl Carabiner
  • PDW Organiser Panel with 2 x PDW Stash It Pouches with First Aid / Emergency items and 1 x PDW Organiser Pouch (this has the OD-Green organiser mounted inside, with Alpine and Pirate Tabs and Leave No Trace Patch
  • Hi-Gear Flask
  • Klean Kanteen Bottle

Other items like a change of clothing, waterproof layer, camera, hat and gloves, bits of food I’m taking to the office and any other bits come and go, but most of what you see here is regular. 

By Nat Wagstaff

Editor, more posts.

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Apr 30, 2021