Leave No Trace



Leave No Trace Patch:
This patch has been designed to remind us that why ever we are heading out into the wild, our mantra should be to leave no trace of our visit. This ensures the next traveller will have an untainted view of nature, while also making sure we don’t leave anything that might endanger the environment.

Antler Bead:
The herd traces its bloodline back to the world famous Furzeland herd, which at one point was in the Guinness World Records for most number of antler points and for point hardness. As these are handcraft from natural materials, each bead will be slightly varied in size, shape and colouring, giving you a truly unique piece. Please note: The bead you own will not match the product image exactly, due to the natural material.

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Allow a minimum of 3 weeks for International delivery (sometimes up to 5/6 weeks) and 1-4 working days for UK delivery. Delivery times have been affected worldwide by the pandemic. Ships from the UK.