Loadout: EDC Photography

Here’s a great loadout from Brandon Parker, a technologist, that he uses for everyday carry and photography. Brandon also shares his thoughts on his Eberlestock S27 Little Trick Pack. 

Welcome to my Eberlestock S27 Little Trick Pack. This has been an everyday carry pack for the past two years which I absolutely love! It’s been used in a wide category of activities in my life whether it be school, hiking, or airsoft. It now serves as my go to photography bag as I can pack everything I need to create and edit content.

The 10mm webbing on the pack exterior gives a professional look while also being incredibly durable. The beauty of this bag is how it is made for any scenario. The pack has one main compartment, a top space for small items, two side pouches on either side of the pack, and a hidden compartment on the behind the frame of the pack. Not only that but this pack can be expanded by unzipping the bottom zipper increasing the overall length of the bag. Whether you’re a outdoor enthusiast or an executive at a large company, the little trick will fit your needs.

Editor: Check out Brandon’s awesome IG account here.

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