Loadout: Dartmoor Winter Hike

I particularly love it when a regular reader and guest contributor decides to share the contents of their pack. Here’s a recent loadout from Jed Edwards…

This kit is set up for a day’s trekking across Dartmoor in late November, and is mostly focused on keeping me warm and sheltered, as exposure is a real risk in that environment. The pack is a little heavier than it could have been but as I’ve explained before I like to let the weight keep me warm when I’m moving. I was very glad of the heavy fleece when I stopped for lunch and my core temperature started to drop.

The kit mostly filled my Mystery Ranch Sweet Pea, with my chest pack fitting nicely behind the Stick-it attachment when I wasn’t wearing it. My chestpack is a Tactical Tailor Mini-mav with a Bulle UK Fatback pouch molle’d to the front.

Kit List, From the Top:

Chest pack contains:

Editor: Unfortunately the only place to the Sweet Pea now is on either eBay. You may also be able to pick up one second hand on The Perfect Pack Facebook group.

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