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While EDC is not our usual topic of business, what we carry in our pockets does define what we decide to pack…

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Everyday Carry is a term used to describe the items found in our pockets on a daily basis. What I actually end up putting in my pack is often characterised by the gear found on my person. I might only pack one back-up torch if I already have one in my pockets. The inclusion of a torch means some spare batteries find their way into my bag. A bottle opener (or two!) in my pocket means it’s unnecessary to have one packed. The examples could go on, but instead of me boring you with that, check out the items I’m carrying right now…

  • Seiko SNE095P2 with an Olive Horween Leather NYC NATO Strap by Worn and Wound, purchased from Huckberry – currently unavailable, but they have some other great choices here – solar charged (because if there’s no sun, we’ve got other issues!) customised and my longest standing EDC item.
  • The Sergeant Recycled Firefighter (follow the link to get a small discount on the site) – “2nd Career Gear” that comes pre-battle-tested.
  • Kingston USB – cheap, small and effective (so far, my last needed duct tape!).
  • FOURSEVENS Quark Tactical QTLC (spec here) – Solid, affordable and bright. I’m slowly converting all my friends over to FOURSEVENS lights – you need one!
  • PDW Dog Tag Tool (if you want one in black, you’ll need to wait for a DLC restock, but there’s no such thing as ‘regular titanium’ the Standard Issue looks awesome too!) – Lightweight, handy and MUCH more useful than I thought it might be.
  • A Victorinox Bantam that has been fully customised by Ru-Titley, including a firesteel striker, glow dot, pocket clip and G-10 scales with a black liner. I’ve renamed it the SAK Firetrooper.
  • Zebra Sharbo X LT3 (just the shell is linked, make sure you pick up three inserts too) – sleek, versatile, two years old and still going strong!
Nat Wagstaff Editor-In-Chief

While I was researching packs for a 100km endurance hiking challenge, my interest in how we organise our gear gave birth to Pack Config, a place that inspires its readers to improve their own packs. What I carry, either daily or out on a hike, is constantly being refined as I discover new methods and products. More…