New Perspective

Lauren (AKA Mrs Config) shares the adventurous mindset that our family has been learning and developing over the years.

While thinking about this post I came across two quotes I absolutely love. “it’s a wondrous thing how the wild calms a child” and “kids can’t bounce off the walls if there are no walls”. These are two things we definitely hold to be true in our house.

Sometimes we all just feel the pull to be outside, and it’s a beautiful thing. However we can find that it doesn’t take long before being outside becomes an unpractised thing. It feels like an effort to pack up and go, inside can seem much more inviting, especially for our children who are yet to have memories of how much better you feel once you’ve been out.

It’s a wondrous thing how the wild calms a child

For us this is where ‘play’ has such an important role in our family life. It’s the persuasion to step outdoors and often the gateway to long refreshing experiences.

During lockdown we couldn’t go far for very long, and walking round the block seemed an incredibly boring prospect. So instead we were walking to the church to throw the ball around, or making a picture with the leaves and sticks there.

Just being in the garden we had been in every day for weeks held no interest until we put up the hammock and played Top Trumps together. Outside in the sunshine, no screens or bad news, just time together.

Together is the vital word here, we try to find things that will be enjoyable for us and Cub Config, play is no fun for grown ups if you are just feigning interest.

We love finding games and activities that anyone can pick up and play, especially outdoors. Our favourite one of the moment is Kubb.

It’s travelled everywhere with us this summer, beaches, fields and gardens alike. It’s hilarious to watch the adults take their time, concentrating with all their might and still miss, yet cub config lobs the stick and quite often hits his mark!

Whether you have children or not, adopting a playful mindset can make the longest trek light work, It helps you to look at the world differently, seeing old things in a new way – having a new perspective.

By Lauren Wagstaff

Contributor, more posts.