Brothers take on Death’s Trail

Ryo wanted to take on the same the Somon “Death’s” Trail (Kansai region) that last time Kei braved alone. This time they had a Fast and Light strategy.

They chose to follow the most difficult route of the Kansai Mountains.

Kei has bivouaced along this route before. It is a very steep and long route, that goes across a river before leading to the climbing of the rock face.

Their Fast & Light strategy meant that they were much more lightly equipped than usual.

They managed to keep the insides of their shoes dry thanks to the very comfortable drain holes on their Lalo’s shoes – ideal for waterside action.

Kei: “We were very tired, but the mountain of the world heritage is very beautiful, was very fun!”

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Kei Fujimoto Photographic Contributor & Adventurer

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