Solo Adventure on Death’s Trail

Kei embarks on an adventure alone, and choses one of the most difficult courses of the Kansai region – the Somon Trail, where distress and even death often occur.*

In the Nara prefecture, Mt. Misen was the next destination of Thunder Bird Hills brother, Kei. His chosen trail was very long, his chosen goal was a climbers mountain refuge hut near the summit. With his luggage totalling 20kg, he started out at 7:00am.

Due to the steep grade of climbing, he could not go ahead as he first expected. After six long hours, he came up to the halfway point. He grew impatient.

At 7:00pm, with darkness closing in and after 12 hours of walking without eating, he was forced to accept that he wasn’t arriving at the destination that night.

Without the ability to set up a tent, unwillingly he had to bivouac. With the sheet of his tent over his head, he tried to get some rest. When the morning sun rose, he ate breakfast immediately.

Frustratingly, he arrived at his destination after only 15 minutes of continuing, it was very close to his bivouac point. He return home following a completely different route. In the words of Kei: “It was the worst adventure ever in my history.”

*Disclaimer: Each Thunder Bird Hills report is Google-translated from Japanese to English and then re-written without detracting from the original sentiments conveyed. Thank you for your understanding.

Kei Fujimoto Photographic Contributor & Adventurer

Born in Osaka, Japan, Kei works as as graphic designer and his hobbies include hiking and camping. He lives with his wife and his two dogs, Cookie and Sid. More…