Review: STYX

Sébastien reviews this fixed blade by French knifemaker, Sacha THIEL.


I’ve been testing this Sacha Thiel STYX for about 6 months now and I realized it’s been long enough for a little overview.

As you can guess the STYX is a full-tang medium sized fixed blade. Design wise, it’s a subtle mix between an all-purpose utility knife and a fighter. The “fighter” type is enhanced by the top swedge of the blade. There’s something Loveless or Jess Horn about it and it’s very nice.

The handle design is more modern with a large index groove and is composed of two black G10 scales with a nice toxified finish. The butt of the knife features a lanyard hole and a point to crush hazelnuts… or break glass, it’s up to you but one is less healthy 😉

Due to the 3.5mm thick blade, the high grind and the top swedge, the knife feels very light in hand. Its weight is about 150g so you’d better not consider this puppy as a chopper.

The blade length is 110mm which is enough for most of my outdoors and camp tasks including batoning wood (up to 2” diameter), processing feathersticks, cutting rope, food prepping, you name it.

I’m a big chopper guy but I can honestly say I never needed more than this knife, and my Fiskars folding saw, during my spring and summer outings in the mountains.

Another good surprise was the edge retention of the N690co steel. Sacha decided to subcontract the cryogenic heat treatment and the end result is pretty impressive. I’ve only touched up the edge twice in 6 months with my Spyderco Sharpmaker. 10 strokes on each side of the blade with the finest rod and I was good to go.

Last but not least, the folded kydex sheath is nicely done and holds the knife well. The eyelets implantation allows the use of a large Tek-Lok. This carry option is very convenient for me as I like to carry knives like this one on my left backpack shoulder strap when hiking and then put the knife on my belt when I’m browsing around camp.

As a side note, I have a reservation concerning the “hazelnut crushing point” as this portion of the knife may be uncomfortable for your ribs when the sheath is set up for vertical carry.

The icing on the cake: this midtech knife comes in at 100€ with the stonewash finish, or 105€ with back PVD coating, and the kydex sheath is only a 25€ option. Owing to the fact the STYX is finished and sharpened, by hand, by one the greatest french knifemakers, this knife is simply one of the best bargains in the knife industry at this point. Come and take it… while supplies last!

By Sébastien Wachbar

Contributor, more posts.