The most dangerous course on the general climbing road in Japan.


Day 01: Rain, Day 02: Rain, Day 03: Cloudy, Day 04: Sunny


Kifaru Xing

Field Report

Kei: This course is in the North Alps and climbers of Japan long to climb it, despite it being treacherous. The start is Nishiho Sanso, a mountain hut, at an altitude of 2367m. The course is a world of rock and takes a good 10 hours. There is a domed rock crest called “Gendarme” (altitude of 3163m) on the way. Beyond that is Mt. Oku Hodaka (altitude 3190m) which is the third highest mountain in Japan.
DAY 01:

I headed to Nagano prefecture from Osaka by a high Express bus. I climbed to the Trailhead at the ropeway and from there I headed to Nishiho Sanso, where I joined my friends. Then we made camp.

DAY 02:

Standing by at the tent because of the rain.

DAY 03:

I started the climb as it was sunny, but my fellows had to drop down so we broke camp then. I had lunch on “Gendarme” and then climbed Mt. Okuhodaka. I made camp at Hodaka Sanso, where there is now because of the high altitude.

DAY 04:

I climbed down and went back to Osaka by Express bus. It was the most exciting adventure ever.

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