Pack Essentials: Grimloc D-Ring

This versatile clip made my list of useful and affordable items I can personally recommend.

Using carabiners to attach those extra or unexpected items to your pack is great and something I do often. However, there are times where I find them falling short of want I need them to do. Unless they’re attached to more than one row of webbing, I find they’ll often twist around making the opening inaccessible. If they are attached to more than one row they are clinched in closer to the pack, often making it hard to add items to.

The benefit of these ITW Grimloc D-Rings is that they attached securely to any piece of 1 inch webbing (including non-tactical packs) in a way that keeps the loop fixed outwards. This makes them easy to get hold of and quick to use. The push button lock enables them to be opened and snapped shut with one hand. The “D” part also opens up 180º so you don’t have to thread larger items through. They are not designed for any serious loadbearing (e.g. climbing) and would reassuringly break open if you applied your full weight to them to prevent dangerous snagging.

The corrosion resistant, high strength polymer is both strong and light. I used these for a whole variety of tasks, but most often I use them for holding a water bladder tube, or attaching a waterbottle or pair of shoes to my pack. They’re pretty inexpensive for the versatility offered, but be warned there are plenty of fake/cheap alternatives out there that aren’t made of the same material and should be avoided. ITW is a brand that make the (as far as I know) original Grimloc D-Ring and should be your first choice. I’ve attached links both the Foliage Green, Tan and Black colours below (the black Maxpedition version should be legitimate).

Nat Wagstaff Editor-In-Chief

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