Pack Essentials: Gorilla Tape

This troop of tape made my list of useful and affordable items.

Ductape. Improved.

If you need more persuasion than that, you’ve probably never used ductape before. Duct tape is generally seen as a universal fixing tool. It can also be used to create things too. Wallets, hammocks even sofas. Nothing seems impossible for this tape and I’ve been in countless situations where duct tape has been the answer to unexpected problems. Since the origins of duct tape (originally developed during WWII as a waterproof seal to keep moisture out of ammunition cases) it’s uses have multiplied astronomically.

Rather than list examples of suggested uses (there are endless lists online) I want to let you know why this particular product deserves your attention. The makers must have taken the basic, bog-standard duct tape and put it through the tape equivelant of the toughest military selection available. The result is Gorilla Tape. It is the strongest I’ve used and yet, perhaps crucially, you can still tear it with your fingers. It’s grip is incredibly firm, even over time, and it doesn’t leave awful marks when removed like some cheaper tapes do.

The bottom line is that Gorilla Tape will always be found in my pack. I’ve found the 1 inch roll to be particularly useful as it takes up less space and is more convenient for small tasks, as well as being tough enough for the heavy duty work. As you can see from the image above, I’m already on my third roll of the stuff and I have a full size roll too. Try it for yourself and let me know what you think…

Anything I post up will have spent time in my pack; either joining me for specific trips or being carried with me every day.

Nat Wagstaff Editor-In-Chief

While I was researching packs for a 100km endurance hiking challenge, my interest in how we organise our gear gave birth to Pack Config, a place that inspires its readers to improve their own packs. What I carry, either daily or out on a hike, is constantly being refined as I discover new methods and products. More…