Pack Essential: PDW Ti-Lighter

Pack Essential: PDW Ti-Lighter

A lighter has been an essential piece of my every day carry kit what seems like forever. I’ve carried many types of lighters from a good ole Bic, to a butane torch, and can’t forget about one of the most iconic brands – Zippo.

But after carrying these brands and types of lighters for numerous years I wanted something a little more robust, classic styling, and can keep a fuel source from evaporating longer than a typical lighter. When Prometheus Design Werx offered their Ti-Lighter for sale I was immediately intrigued and placed my order.

The PDW Ti-Lighter is made up of a fully machined 6AL-4V titanium billet to ensure the main body and flip top are a perfect match. Weighing in at only 2.9oz (empty), this lighter is not only robust and corrosion proof, it also feels light in your pocket.

The overall dimensions are 2.3” tall, 1.6” wide, and 0.6” deep, a tad bigger than a typical Zippo lighter. The insert is a removable Zippo style with a cotton like core for fuel storage and replaceable flint and wick. One of the most notable features of the PDW Ti-Lighter is the O-ring sealing the flip top when closed ensuring a longer fuel storage time.

The insert can also be interchanged with other options like a butane style if desired. Typical lighter fluid is used for your fuel source and depending on use the fuel fill level can last from about a week to a 2-3-week period before needing to refuel.

I’ve found the best practice is to top off the fuel level once a week when using the lighter often or once every couple weeks with light use, just to ensure it’ll be full when needed. Prometheus Design Werx has offered their Ti-Lighter in a handful of different exterior design patterns but I decided on the more classic matte finish.

If you’re on the hunt for a more robust lighter that not only looks cool but is functional and has a longer fuel storage life, check out the Ti-Lighter from Prometheus Design Werx.

Editor: These are periodically restocked by PDW so if they’re out of stock do keep checking back!

By Brian Redgrave

Contributor, more posts.


Feb 1, 2022