Loadout: Student EDC

Undergraduate, Kevin shares his usual back to basics everyday carry while studying at University.

I am a city boy at heart, and the “back to basics” daypack featured above is what I carry when I’m on the way to University as an Undergraduate, pre-covid 19:

The jacket featured above is my prized possession; the Kansas City Katz Satin Jacket by Ebbet’s Flannel. It is incredibly comfortable, and it operates well as a windbreaker despite its fashionable exterior. Admittedly, this is more style than function (this isn’t Patagonia after all), but it is still stitched together nicely and there are no visible imperfections. This is my favourite item in my current carry (albeit a slightly impractical one).

The Topo Designs Light Pack’s resplendent colourway is bound to attract a lot of attention, and it certainly is not built to withstand the rugged outdoors. But it serves as proper stowage for my study materials and other miscellaneous items featured in my essential carry.

As an audiophile, the 15-minute daily commute to school is where I spend most of my time testing out new earphones and digital audio players as part of my side-occupation as a reviewer. It can get cumbersome, trying to manage a tangle of earphones and bulky music players. The Crumpler Organizer featured above is used to separate audio products into multiple segments: earphones, players, dongles from one another. I tend to stuff in a few USB-C and Micro-USB cables there as well.

But, when I am not reviewing any new products, I turn to my Sony Walkman NWA-105 and a pair of Kinera Odin earphones; nothing beats walking to school when accompanied by a well curated playlist and high-res audio playback.

The Lihit Lab Smartfit Pencil protects my assemblage of stationery, the weaponized arsenal of a hardworking student. A few exercise books accompany me during extensive lectures, allowing me to scribble down notes on the fly. My Shinola Large Hard Linen Journal (I am a sucker for bespoke journals) is simply a blank canvas for me to plan my day ahead, outlining the core tasks that I need to complete within 24 hours. Trust me, the feeling of pen against high-quality paper is a marvelous experience. I avoid carrying my laptop to avoid any unnecessary weight, and to force myself to be more conscious in class by focusing on my writing vs typing.

The K-mart Stainless Steel Water Bottle has served its purpose, keeping my water icy cold throughout the day. You can see by the scuff marks on the bottom that this bottle has taken quite a beating.

The Victorinox Mini Swiss Army Knife and Maglite Solitaire Keychain Torchlight (attached to my keys) have served me well in the past few months despite being fairy new additions. The swiss army knife is a convenient tool to have (especially when I am unboxing new packages), and the mini torch helps illuminate the paths ahead of me when I stay late at University. Best to remain cautious in a country known for its venomous wildlife.Overall, this is a rudimentary daypack that meets most of my needs and requirements. What is included is contingent on what is being taught at school for the day.

Stay safe in this period of uncertainty

– Kevin

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