Loadout: Modular EDC Organisation

Louis (of HHD and Configeers #012) shares his modular EDC organisation system of 8 modules and 3 bags that keeps him adaptable to every need, season or mood.

Louis: Paris is huge, Paris is diverse and Paris is dense. I live there, and work in the suburbs at the Airport (Charles de Gaulle). My work: Aeronautical Engineer, ask me to be on site everyday (often On Call duty) even if its raining, snowing, or in a pandemic situation. Everyday I swing between my car, public transport, foot, bike to go to my work, favorites places, visit some friends, go to a concert, an exposition or just to visit a bit.

As you may know, laws in France are quite severe and I need to be careful with my EDC. It needs to contains everything I need without me being in trouble with the police. To be more adaptable I organize my EDC around 8 Modules (+ Clothes) and 3 bags (2 L, 12L, <8L) that roll each month depends of my needs, season and mood. Each bags correspond to an everyday situation that I can encounter.

Here are the details:

Module 1 : Computer


Module 2 : Cable


Module 3 : First Aid & Hygiene


Module 4 : Power & Sound


Module 5 : Small EDC


Module 6 : Pen


Module 7 : Keys

3 size, for 3 situations that I can encounter everyday. I change when I’m at home or organize my day around a pack.

  • 12 L – 6h (Walk, Shopping, Friends or family visit)

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