Loadout: Long Lockdown Walks

This is the pack configuration Emma used to explore quiet and forgotten footpaths, river routes, and woodland ways with Mouse the adventure dog.

This is the pack configuration I used for long walks during the UK lockdown. Setting forth from the front door to explore quiet and forgotten footpaths, river routes, and  woodland ways. Rambling with Mouse the adventure dog for company, to find a suitable brew spot, and then wandering on until it was time to turn home again.

Everything here packs into the front compartment of my SHADO which leaves the rear compartment free to take a water proof layer / water bladder and other items that might be pertinent to the planned trip. I’m 5ft 2in petite female and have seen some comments about the length of the SHADO’s back panel – for me it’s not been a problem especially with the waist belt dialled in, and I can comfortably carry a hefty load out for 10+miles in this pack. I have modified the zipper pulls – a Ru Titley x Pack Config Autumn Bead makes the admin pouch easy to get to, and then paired pulls for front and back compartments (orange DIY paracord, vs Polymath products glow dots) lets me quickly spot the zipper and get into the pack – essential when a kingfisher zips past and I want to get the camera fast!

  • Camera kit:
  • Sony Alpha A7ii and 50mm prime lens (not shown as used to take photos) Sits at the top of the SHADO compartment – the domed lid has dimension out away from your back which makes it a great camera spot – so long as you don’t stuff the internal mesh pocket out.
  • My DMade DOPP pouches keep my camera bits organised. These were a custom commission to match this and two of my other packs. The woodland camo protects my old tellers and converter, the MCB protects kit lens and 50mm, batteries, and other odds added. Often use my Finisterre watch cap to pad the Len/lenses in here to stop them jarring on each other.
  • Admin pocket – Wells Lamont ladies gloves with a hack for easy use when attached to pack or belt using a key smart magnetic connector.
  • Leatherman Signal
  • Smidge insect repellent (with wrap of duct tape around it so I don’t lose it, for repairs or emergency tinder.)
  • Extra’s I often add in depending on route and plan:
  • TAD skull shemagh
  • Battery bank and lightning cable, map, compass, packable dog water bowl.

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