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Ok, so my desk doesn’t “carry” these items anywhere. But to kick off 2022, I wanted to share a little bit of personal insight into my daily items you don’t often see…

I’m so grateful that what started as a tiny side project has grown into an ever expanding portion of our working lives, and I know I’m really blessed to be able to do something I love as my day job. While any work will always have stresses and challenges, but with the amazing, loving support of my wife and business partner, we are carving new paths into 2022.

Laid out here are some the items that don’t often get shown in my loadouts as they are “carried” in/on my desk instead of a pack. That said they are key to my role in the other portion of our business, Surefoot Studio ltd. This is the design company my wife and I started some years ago. I hope you enjoy learning a bit more about these items:

  • Swatchos cards. These were a gift from Mrs Config, something I’d never heard of before. I work with swatches all day, combining colours, or coming up with new ones for clients to fit with what we’ve already put together, or to stand out. I love anything tactile and I love cards (as you’ll see) so the perfect gift really!
  • Apple Magic Mouse. My sister’s doctorate (very proud of her!) touches on the fact that tools or clothing we use every day become an extension of who we are. This mouse is very much that, as I use it to create patches, artwork, design, edit photos. There are probably other better mice out there, but this is like that favourite pair of shoes that are riddled with holes that you just can’t bear to part with.
  • Playing Cards. As you’ve probably noticed from my photos, I have a growing collection of themed playing cards. Loving print and tactile things, there is usually a few cards on display and a pack on the desk that I practise cardistry with to keep my hands active.
  • Super secret patches. I’ve been really privileged to work with some great people over the years, and some of those people have loved my patch designs and want to collaborate on a design. If you’ve been in the pack world for any amount of time I know You Know The Bo! I was really excited to work with Bo Ismono on this project (and maybe others!). You’ll have to speak to him about getting hold of one mind, this is my only one!
  • More Cards (!) and Erasers. Transferring Pack Config photos to my iMac always involves scrabbling blindly to find the SD card slot, plus I’m always sketching ideas in my notebook. Sometimes I’m in the flow of an idea or patch design that I don’t want to stop and start again to change it, so out comes the trusty Staedtler.
  • Zebra Sharbo X LT3. This is like those colour changing biros you get with the 4 colours, but for professionals. With a mechanical pencil, red and black ink (my choice, you can adapt as you like), this adapts quickly to what I’m doing without needing to find the right pen. I had a black one that the clip went on back when I used to carry it daily, but a permanent place on the desk is where it lives now.
  • Wacom Intuos. I don’t often get out the Wacom as I find the mouse best for most tasks, but usually when working on illustrations this comes out. I did have an older, larger wired model, but smaller and bluetooth is so much better!
  • “10 blade”. Nope, I’m not a wannabe surgeon! The Swann Morton surgical scalpel with 10A blade is frequently out on the desk as I mock up ideas in paper form. These were the tool of choice all through my design degree and this one has stayed with me throughout. The big box of 100 blades I picked up is still going too. Ru Titley made me a Kydex sheath for it which works a lot better than the one I made out of loop material and sellotape!
  • Zippo Lighter. This is used to burn every lanyard I churn out for the many Ru beads we sell in the store. The butane insert is by far the best for last-ability and a quick singe. This actually stays in my pocket as I love to fiddle with, the iconic noise it makes can often be heard wherever I go.
  • Minimal Desk Setups Wool mat. Having something more comfortable than a hard desk (however cool that desk might be) is great for a day of editing, designing or illustrating. I recently switched over to this wool mat which I love for it’s texture, but it does bobble a bit around the mouse. The 10 blade sorted that out, but I think the occasional trim is worth the added comfort, plus you can stick patches to it!
  • Finally, hiding, the digital callipers. Not one of the very expensive all metal ones, but this is super quick for measuring, especially things like new products from Ru, or when I’m comparing patch sizes when working on a new design.

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Jan 18, 2022