Assembling an EDC Kit

Sébastien walks us through his own creation of a compact essentials carry kit.

One year ago I decided to build a compact every day carry (EDC) pouch to contain the few items I have with me all the time such as a wristwatch, folding knife and wallet. 

I’ve been inspired by the SOLKOA SEAL team six survival kit as I’ve found the concept of a fully capable compact kit very interesting. My main goal was to have access to some items, whether it is in a working environment, during my free time or vacation with my family. This kit wasn’t meant to be a field kit as I already have another one dedicated to my outdoorsy activities.

The pouch I’m using is the Triple Aught Design GPP1 as it is compact enough to be stored in a cargo pocket or messenger bag, but large enough to contain my gear and practical to use. 

The main zipper allows access to items quite easily, plus the two internal mesh pockets and front zipper pocket allows a better organization. On the back side of the pouch, the two Velcro tabs and PALs webbing allow the pouch to be attached onto almost anything you can think of. 

I’ve found this setup quite handy to attach it to the stroller or my bike when I don’t want/need to carry a backpack. 

Inside the GPP1 we can find:

  • Victorinox Swiss Champ – 33 functions for 185grams, this is maybe the best multitool you can get if you don’t need tough pliers and if don’t have to carry it in your pocket! I particularly like the ball point pen, tweezers, magnifier, file and screwdrivers. 
  • Leatherman PS4 – One can consider this is redundant with the Victorinox but the PS4 pliers are better in my opinion. 
  • Drop Vega AAA flashlight and spare battery – 3 modes, up to 650 lumens, pocket clip and can potentially act as an impact device.
  • Mini Bic lighter.
  • 5 meters of 250 LB and 750 LB Kevlar cord – I already had a lot of use for this cord as it’s heat, friction, UV and chemicals resistant.
  • Safety pins & paper clips – use of these is endless.
  • Fisher Bullet Space pen – compact and write on almost any surface. 
  • Zip ties – for those moments when you don’t have time to process fancy knots.
  • Emergency blanket  (2.10 x 1.30m).
  • Micro tube of power glue.
  • Hand wipes.
  • Small first aid kit including band-aids, steri-strips, disinfecting wipes and basic medicine.

When I need to save weight I usually replace the Vic SwissChamp by the Compact model and I switch the AA flashlight for a AAA Thrunite Ti3. 

I’ve used this kit in countless situations and it has saved the day more than once. As an example, during the same day this summer when I was visiting the city of Bordeaux, I had to take care of:

  • My daughter who cuts herself (band-aids – it also reminds me I had to add ear plugs to the kit!)
  • My son caught multiple stings in his palm (SAK tweezers and magnifier)
  • Fixing/field repairing our stroller (pliers, screwdriver and zip-locks)
  • Repairing my wife’s shoe sole (power glue)
  • Unlocking a door when I was stuck in a library restroom (Victorinox pliers)
  • Oh, and I’m quite sure I took a paracetamol pill later on that epic day!

Mors Kochanski often says “The more you know, the less you have to carry”. Maybe I don’t know much but I know I’ll keep this setup for a while now! It has been fun to make and remains effective in real life. 

By Sébastien Wachbar

Contributor, more posts.