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As with many I stumbled across Pack Config by happy accident looking for a review on bits of kit and because of Ru Titley and the original cyflect and coastguard markers he was making all those years ago, I have never looked back. I got into patch collecting purely as something to do with an interest in Military patches originally and latterly because I loved the designs being put out by Pack Config, so I blame Nat for my perpetual being skint….

I have worked in many industries, from Conservation (including work with the RSPB), Local County Councils (Northwest Water as it was), National Trust and the Peak District National Park so outdoor kit and living has always been ingrained in me. Add to that my passion for the hills and climbing from an early age, and it was inevitable that one day I would be writing mini reviews on my gear as inspired by the likes of Nat, Piotr, Brian, Jed and the guys before me here on this distinguished list. It was an honour to be asked to contribute by Nat and be offered this opportunity to be included in the ‘hall of fame’.

My current role as a frontline Paramedic affords me a little more freedom with my annual leave, but generally I spend a lot of time dreaming of my next adventure whilst saving for that one big trip, my last being a month in Ontario based out of Toronto. Over the last year I have enjoyed revisiting and exploring old haunts, either places I visited as a kid with my Mum & Dad or with school, or whilst working as an outdoor instructor teaching climbing and field studies to groups along the Jurassic Coastline of Dorset and Devon.

My loadouts have changed frequently and some of the ones already published have subsequently changed, either as I have refined my kit through buying newer gear or the need to feed my habit of buying Nat’s wonderful patches… But as with everyone we tweak, we refine and we grow to find better solutions for our EDC or essential Mountain Kit, be it basic first aid pack, or survival gear for those days out. I hope to continue as do we all as Contributors to inspire and help.

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