D-Day, 75 Years on…

I always go backwards and forwards about whether to post on remembrance days or anniversaries of great battles. But as I struggled to find the right words to explain the significance of the day to my five year old son I found my reason to post.

The reality of a 75 year anniversary is that those who lived through these momentous events are becoming fewer and fewer. But the bravery and sacrifice demonstrated must be remembered, long after the surviving warriors have fallen.

So read posts, do your own research as I do, and remind yourself of the cost of freedom – a price that is still paid today. Living in Kent, UK, I’m always impacted by reading how many thousands of willing soldiers marched from and through the very towns I’m surrounded by.

One thing I was careful to do earlier today, was to use the term “enemy” and talk about a bad leader. I often wince when I see the term ‘German’ or ‘Japanese’ when referring to the World Wars, as EVERY one of our countries have stains in their past, and examples of shameful leadership, that we’d want to distance ourselves from. I’ve also known or received great support from brothers and sisters in both these great nations, so I will always make it clear to my son that actions from the past don’t always represent the people of today.

Let’s all learn from our history and be a people who stand together, just as the American, British, Canadian, Australian, Belgian, Czech, Dutch, French, Greek, New Zealand, Norwegian, Rhodesian and Polish troops did 75 years ago.

Two great websites to start your research are:

Image details: © IWM (EA 51048)
Troops of the US 7th Corps wading ashore on Utah Beach. Note the identifying bands worn on the left sleeve.


By Nat Wagstaff

Editor-In-Chief, more posts.

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