Thunder Bird Hills: Mt. Shakaga

Kei and his brother scale Mt. Shakaga in Mt. Oomine again, this time with Japan in the middle of its rainy season.

The aim of the Thunder Bird Hills brothers this time? The summit of the Buddha that they were unable to get to last time. Unfortunately being met with rain (again!) didn’t dampen the joy of reaching the summit as it was very beautiful and cool! It was also satisfying to be able to see the Sea of Clouds.

Kei is also sporting some of his new gear from Ru-Titley-Knives.
Above: a Kydex D ring. Below: the Kydex D ring and an original Cyflect Marker – MK4.
Accept no imitations with these markers, only the originals from Ru will last due to the extensive testing gone into their design.

Kei Fujimoto Photographic Contributor & Adventurer

Born in Osaka, Japan, Kei works as as graphic designer and his hobbies include hiking and camping. He lives with his wife and his two dogs, Cookie and Sid. More…


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