Bomber & Company: Paracord Survival

The paracord bracelet thing has become sort of old hat, as popularity has peaked, well beyond the worlds of EDC and prepper communities. Find out why these particular offering from Bomber & Co caught our interest…

Most of them are junk and aren’t much more than decoration or tactical jewelry. As commonplace as they now seem, they are easy to make and can be quite useful in a pinch. I’ve even thought about trying my hand or wrist as it were, on making one myself and making it better…more useful.

Now I don’t have to.

Enter the Firestarter Paracord Bracelet and Carabiner Paracord Keychain by Bomber & Co. Turning a useful concept into something invaluable, Bomber brings fire to the table and the camp site. These survival tools use Type III 7 strand 550 paracord, Mil-Spec hardware, fire starter flint and steel. Using a thick cobra weave, the bracelet has 3 meters and the keychain has 1.5 meters in length and has a short Ferrocerium rod attached.

The bracelet and keychain are not just little decorations for your wrist or keys, these could actually help you in a survival situation and they are quite handsome as well.

Put a bracelet on or add the Keychain to your pack. If you don’t have a pack, Bomber has you covered. In addition to the cool tools, they make a Bomber Barrel Duffel bag that was born out of a very successful crowd-funding campaign.

They come in all your favorite colors, as long as your favorite color is black. (UPDATE: Olive Green looks like it might be available too!)

Check out their website in the link below. It might save your life… ok maybe not save your life, but a fire will keep you warm. You can also check out their Indiegogo campaign here to pick up single items or a whole “Bomber Set”.

David Massey Senior Contributor & Recon Specialist

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