WUULF Pack Field Review – What’s it ACTUALLY like to own?

Has Prometheus Design Werx come up with the ideal wilderness pack? I hope this hands-on overview helps you see what the pack is like to own. 

RECOMMENDED READING Our good friend and contributor, Piotr Ma, has written a comprehensive review over on  @CarryologyTV  that I highly recommend checking out here. He runs over the specs in detail, plus the companies own website is fantastic at breaking those down. Piotr’s had the pack for longer than I have, so he can give a bit more experience on the durability, plus I don’t know a better gear reviewer out there!






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One thing I didn’t mention in this review is the removable laptop sleeve. I rarely ever need this, so I took it out on day one. But know there is one included if you need it!


May 9, 2023