Woods Walk Carry

This loadout is everything that ModChop packed for a day exploring the local woods and hills.
  • The pack is a Mystery Ranch Urban Assault 21 in their Wood Waxed fabric (the fabric does not have a ‘waxy’ feel despite the name). 
  • The pack is in their classic tri zip design and opens up cadaver style to give great access to the contents. Inside there are two small zippered mesh pockets towards the top on either side, a suspended laptop sleeve plus another sleeve that would take a tablet/iPad, both can be secured by a webbing strap and Velcro tab.
  • The pack has a very ‘clean’ look externally with just a lid pocket accessed by an aqua-guard zipper and a single row of PALS webbing on the underside should you wish to strap anything to it. The back system and shoulder straps have an air mesh fabric facing to help with ventilation with the shoulder straps also have load lifters to help stabilise the load as well as a sternum strap. At the top, rear of the pack is a simple 1” webbing grab handle. There is no provision for a waist strap but at 21 litres I doubt you’d ever need one. 
  • The pack itself carries very nicely and is comfortable on extended walks/days out, I also occasionally use this pack for every day carry, something it works well at. Somewhat strangely of the many packs I own and use this is the one that has generated the most admiration and questions from non bag nerds (I count myself as very much a bag nerd by the way…), even my mother complimented how it looked, praise indeed! 
The gear:
  • Starting top left are my sunglasses, polarised with semi-hard case, both from Decathlon (highly recommend).
  • Next is a small unbranded (and old!) first aid pouch containing just the essentials for a walk in the woods.
  • Then we have the ubiquitous $20 Dollar Bandit Micro pouch that moves from pack to pack constantly, this has a Leatherman PS4 small multi tool, a small AAA powered Streamlight Microstream torch plus spare AAA battery, mini Sharpie, Field Notes notebook, Bic lighter and a Pocketwrench II pry bar.
  • The jacket is a Rab Ventus lightweight soft shell.
  • Below that is a Goruck 4L Shadow Pocket which contains a merino wool Buff and a merino beanie and Endura MT500 waterproof jacket.
  • Moving right is a Mystery Ranch Zoid pouch containing Anker 10000 mah battery pack, Anker lightening cable, Joby GripTight phone tripod.
  • Drinks are covered by a 1L Nalgene Oasis water bottle and a Sigg 750ml vacuum flask and mug.
  • Next to that is an ancient Highlander sit mat that is a veteran of many walks, camps and beer festivals.
  • Above that is my Triple Aught Design Field Cap, to the left is a camo Muc Off Essentials pouch with holds the all important brew kit.
  • Above that is a can of Smidge midge repellent.
  • Finally upper right is the black Multicam pouch made by @firefly15_hanks this holds a Victorinox Explorer Plus, antibacterial hand gel and wipes, a knife, fork & spoon set, spare batteries, reading glasses and usually a few snacks for the day.
  • The Velcro front panel is currently sporting various morale patches.

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Sep 30, 2021