Loadout: Urban Environment

Here’s a loadout that James C uses for his day to day carry. James: Given its size, the pack is with me daily – laptop optional on the weekends.

  • TAD Fastpack Scout
  • Ecovessel 24 oz insulated Flask
  • Adlib Document Pouch for Biz Papers.
  • Samsung Galaxy Book 12″
  • Mask Insert
  • Porter Key Pouch
  • MR Men Yellow Coin Pouch
  • Samsung Cable and Charger
  • Xiaomi Wireless Ear Buds
  • Panasonic Wired Ear plugs
  • Car Key Fob
  • Maxpedition PHP iPhone Pouch, felt interior
  • Alpha One Niner Type 1 Organizer
    -two wallets
    -biz cards
    -ballpoint pen
  • Direct Action Kryptek Velcro Organizer
    -dual screw driver
    -nail clipper
    -ear pick
    -Swiss Army Knife
    -tape measure
    -Bluetooth Camera Clicker
  • Olight I5T EOS
  • Olight I1R2 EOS
  • Keys x 4, Paracord
  • MSM Bottle Corset Black

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Jul 2, 2021